Secret key exchange

Use this tool to create a secret color key with a friend in order to exchange encrypted messages. If you already have a secret key, you can skip to the next section to encrypt and decrypt secret messages.

Your private color will get help create your secret key. Don't share it with anyone! It needs to stay secret if you want your encrypted messages to be secure.

Decide on a public color with your friend. Both of you should pick the same color for this box. It's okay if other people know about the public color you choose, as long as your private colors stay secret.

Your public mix

This is your public mix. Share this code with your friend so that they can create your shared secret key. It's okay if other people see this code.

Your friend's public mix

Get your friend's public mix code and type it into the box above. You need it to create your shared secret key.

Your secret color code:

Keep this code somewhere safe to send and receive secret messages in the future. Don't let anyone else see it!

Encrypt and decrypt using colors

You can use the tool below to encrypt secret messages using color as a secret key, or to decrypt secret messages.

Enter your secret code above, then use the text boxes below to encrypt and decrypt your messages. (To protect your secret key from prying eyes, it's invisible until you mouse over the box.)

Encrypting text

Decrypting text